RWW Music

RWW (aka Robert W Wells) is a producer, musician and songwriter most recently known for his original creative work with Hope Lane (Pop) and Graham Albright (Pop Country). He was the frontman, lead singer/songwriter for Forget Reason (Pop/Rock), and Soul Faction (Pop/Neo Soul).

Transitioning from frontman to producer, RWW now focuses on writing and producing new original music for TV, Film, & Games and is an active producer working with artists in the POP / COUNTRY / INDIE POP genres. He loves coaching and providing tools and resources for the next generation of artists.

My mission is to create music that takes you away from everyday life for a moment. Music that releases you from anxiety, moves your body & soul, and nourishes your mind with a positive, uplifting experience.


RWW is an independant musician managed and promoted by Hope Lane Music (HOPE LANE MEDIA LLC)